Client Testimonials

Well Known Long Term Disability Insurance Carrier

“I made my team request a social media search before requesting a Background search. Background searches are quite expensive and should be done on some cases but every case should first start with the Social Discovery Corp social media search.”
- Betsy W.

Pinnacle Group Investigations

"I will definitely be using Social Discovery Corp the next time that I have a case with a social media element. I do not plan on renewing with [our current vendor] and have suggested your company to two of my investigative peers within the market!"
- Kevin P.

Merrills Investigations

“Social Discovery Corp has saved me so much time and money. I used to have to search for social media stuff by myself, along with juggling all the other daily functions in my office, and it just became too time consuming. Now that we have started using you folks, I find that you find more information than I ever found on my own. I am more than satisfied with the quality of work and product and look forward to continuing our business relationship.”
- Sarah M.
Tapia Investigative Services, Inc.

“I used the services of Social Discovery Corp for many of my investigations. I was not only impressed with the response and quickness of Social Discovery Corp, but I was equally amazed with the quality of work and information I received. I was able to locate social media information that either resolved my cases or gave me additional leads that I would have never located had it not been for the Social Discovery Corp Media report. Social Discovery Corp is a MUST for any Comprehensive Background Report.”
- Paul T.

Well Known Insurance Carrier

“Adjusters and investigators liked looking at the reports to positively identify people they are going to look to pick up character traits and personality profiling before they talk to the claimant, which has been very helpful in terms of customer service.”
- Stephanie F.

Elite Investigations, Inc.

“Social Media has become such a huge factor on almost every case I work on as a Private Investigator. The research they conduct, which is offered at a very competitive price, used to take me hours to complete, so not only can I offer a better rate to our clients, but it frees me up to work on other things.”
- Cyndi B.

Private Investigator

“This will memorialize my statements to you the other day. You and your researchers have given me renewed confidence in your services and value. My high value client was super impressed with all that the reports contained. You can certainly praise your researchers for their great work on my behalf. Best to you all.”
- Brock S.