It’s All About Use Case

Risk management professionals are tasked with a wide array of assessment responsibilities in their organizations. Leveraging social media as a necessary tool to uncover risks to the organization at different touch points is critical for success in today’s complex environment. Identifying when to run social media by specific use cases to an organization can separate success from failure.

Experience Matters!

Social Discovery’s team has years of collective industry experience and the ability to deliver research when needed to ensure that risk management professionals have reports on a timely and curated basis. This is why we are a vital partner to organizations processes to understand and mitigate risk.

We understand the importance of fast, accurate and cost effective social media research in making the very best decisions for your customers and for your organization.

Our team of analysts has many years of experience researching complex cases across all lines of business. Social Discovery reports provide a comprehensive tally of all relevant information that is found online, and are delivered at scale in multiple formats at cost effective price points.

System Highlights and Features

Organizations are constantly searching for greater efficiencies in their processes. To meet this demand, SDC has developed a customizable Social Media Case Management System. This system enables risk managers and administrators to customize and manage their social media cases through a simple browser-based interface. We also provide a fully documented API. Many of our customers see the benefit of this integration, saving them time, money and keystrokes. Please contact us for more information.

Social Discovery Case Management System Features:

  • Centralized Management of System Users Administrative functions which enable designated administrators to create and manage departments to enroll and un-enroll end users

  • Fast Bulk Order Capabilities Bulk order Social Discovery Reports allows administrators to export data from claims/case management systems to support larger caseloads, and Export to CSV file for quick import into Social Discovery report queue

  • Dashboard and Reporting for Administrators Company Analytics enabling administrators to track system usage by department or user - who ordered, turnaround time; Export analytics to CSV

  • Fully Documented API Integration to Claims and Case Management Systems with a published API that enables users to place orders directly from business applications; Two-way data flows enable information to flow from one system to another seamlessly providing simplified ordering and storage of social media reports and data

  • Customizable ReScan and Update Functionality SDC always advises to run social media reports as quickly as possible to ensure that information is not taken down and depriving investigators of needed research. We also understand the importance of developing ongoing research through the lifecycle. We provide a fully customizable relook option that the client can set by case or business line.