Leveraging software coupled with human research, SDC is committed to this model as the only way to deliver actionable data to our customer every time. There are no shortcuts - we realize this as do our customers.

"A square peg does not fit into a round hole"

Social media is not structured data - it delivers much more. Mass data companies charge very little per search - but you get what you pay for which is very little. We have tested every bulk data social media tool out there and they simply do not work as advertised. It’s like passing water through a sieve and hoping that you catch a little moisture on the wire.

Our innovative software suite offers unsurpassed speed and accuracy, however human research is the key element to every single report we generate for our customers.


Since 2011 Social Discovery has been delivering Social Media reports to customers across many industry platforms. Headquartered in Charlotte NC, we have seen steady growth and with acceptance of this valuable deliverable in multiple use cases. Four years and much recognition later, we feel we are still at the beginning of this evolving and dynamic industry. In 2016, we decided to expand our operations into The UK and Ireland having identified the need for a comprehensive and affordable Social Media research tool.

Who We Are

We are a software-enabled services company specializing in social media background reporting and data analytics. Social Discovery teams are committed to ongoing training to master the ever evolving landscape of social media reporting. Our expertise is derived from extensive experience in social media research combined with years of collective vertical market knowledge. Our passion is serving our customers with exceptional customer service, saving our customers time, money, and resources.

Why Choose Social Discovery Corp?

  • Reduce human and financial resource drain
  • Best-in-class proprietary search technology platform
  • Most accurate search results - combining machine learning software and human research
  • Fully Developed and Documented API
  • Easy integration with your current SOP
  • Exceptional customer service and account management
  • Lowest price point available in the marketplace
  • No long-term commitments
  • Full compliance with global regulatory standards
  • Encrypted storage and transferring of data