Our Methodology

  • Search - Leverage our proprietary software, search tools and processes which, combined with highly trained human intelligence, yield the most accurate results
  • Verify - Benefit from the fact that every report subject is carefully authenticated with a minimum of 3 unique identifiers
  • Gather & Collate - Allow SDC to handle the time consuming task of gathering and collating data for you. We collect, copy and gather all publicly available data on each subject from a multitude of sites together with corresponding metadata and hyperlinks
  • Build & Publish - Benefit from our easy-to-read, comprehensive, historical social media investigative reports with flexible option to white label with your own logo and brand (colors)

Consider the detailed elements involved in a comprehensive social media investigation …

  • Authentication of subject from amongst others living in the same geography with same or similar name
  • Collection of hundreds, or even thousands, of Facebook posts, Tweets, blog entries, etc.… complete with relevant metadata
  • Compilation of data into a single report containing links to the original source for viewing

Employees already have full caseloads. Thorough and accurate social media searches are a time consuming work. Our method ensures accuracy, saves money and gives our customers back the time they need to complete other assignments.