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Social Discovery Corp is a leading data analysis company that provides social media background screening and investigative reporting services to help clients mitigate risk factors and combat fraud. Powered by our proprietary online discovery platform that combines machine learning with human moderation, we offer the fastest, most accurate and cost effective investigative social media background reporting services in the industry

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A group of highly skilled professionals with decades of collective expertise in social media, technology and the primary industries we serve.

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Insurance. Third Party Administrators (TPA’s). Private Investigators. Background Screeners. Human Resources. Legal

A simple and intuitive platform to manage orders, workflow, users and storage.

SDC’s patented process combining innovative software and world-class analysts.

A committed team of professionals dedicated to achieving our simple mission.

Our value proposition is simple: Social Discovery Corp delivers the most robust,
comprehensive and cost effective social media reports. Stop wasting time and money.

"Social Media has become a huge factor in almost every case I work on . I send a new request to Social Discovery nearly every day for them to capture everything they can regarding my subject. Their work is impeccable and they are always willing to go the extra mile when asked. The research they conduct at a very reasonable price used to take me hours to complete, so not only can I offer a better rate to our clients, but it frees me up to work on other things. Thanks Guys!” 8/5/15

Cyndi B.
Elite Investigations, Inc.


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Our philosophy and few thoughts:

May 5 , 2016

We often hear from our enterprise clients that they are doing their own social media investigations internally. We understand the notion especially since the information is “free” out on the internet. And we’ve often...

SDC - Because as you know, people and eyeballs are required!

June 18 , 2016

From time to time, a customer will tell us that they found something that we didn’t in a particular search. Fair enough – it’s going to happen and we always appreciate the feedback. However,...

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